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About Gregory Barton

I am an Australian lawyer, retired and living in Thailand. I became interested in Schengen visa law and policy after a series of incidents involving friends and family who applied for Schengen visas here in Thailand. I discovered that there is a disconnect between the law as written in the Visa Code, and how it is interpreted and implemented.

The aim of this blog is to highlight the inconsistencies in the law governing the granting and refusal of Schengen visas and to demonstrate how the law and policy fail in practice. I will refer to real cases. I will suggest amendments that are required to the law as a matter of internal consistency, others as a matter of fairness.

One of my friends commented in despair that 99% of people are not interested in this topic. Who cares whether people from the 150 countries that require a Schengen visa get a fair deal? My aim is to make you care. We are not talking about torture or arbitrary detention. However, the right to travel, the right to be treated fairly, the right to be with one’s friends and family on holiday – all of these are things we take for granted. All of these, I say, are basic human rights. I will argue that EU law thinks so too.


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